Finney County Genealogical Society was organized as a non-profit, educational organization (as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) for the purpose of creating interest in genealogy, preserving genealogical and historical data, aiding members and others in assembling family histories, maintaining in the Public Library, with its cooperation, a genealogical and historical collection for the benefit of members, and the general public, and providing a surname file for ancestor charts of nonmembers, submitted by members.

Officers of the society
Janet Coulter, President; Stanley C. Smith, Vice President; Olga Montgomery, Secretary; Bernard Strasser, Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairpersons
Library Advisory--Dorothea Kline, Pat Smith, Bernard Strasser. Library Associates--All Members, Registrar--Carolyn Davis. Historian--Lilia Shearmire. Publicity--Verna Herman. Query Research--Janet Coulter. Finance--Bernard Strasser, Ruth Dunlap. Newsletter Editor--Lilia Shearmire

Other Committees
Grant Writing--Lilia Shearmire, Pat Smith. Seminars--Olga Montgomery, Frances Embree, Virginia Patterson

Hutchinson News--Carolyn Davis, Olga Montgomery. Garden City Telegram--Janet Coulter, Lilia Shearmire. Copies and Indexing--Stan and Pat Smith, Lilia Shearmire. Newsletter Reporters--All Members

Finney County Genealogical Society will do research for a ten dollar ($10) per hour donation to the Finney County Genealogical Society plus all supply costs. A query will be listed in the quarterly newsletter without any charge.

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